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Victoria Health Centre is now offering Cold Laser Therapy !


Cold Laser Therapy Treatment is a modality that is Easy to Apply, Non-Invasive, Painless, Drug Free and supported by decades of scientific research.


Cold Laser Therapy treatment helps promote:
- Rapid cell growth
- Faster wound Healing
- Increased Metabolic Activity
- Reduced Fibrous Tissue
- Stimulated Nerve Function Formation
- Anti- Inflammatory Action
- Increased Vascular Activity


Cold Laser Also Helps With The Pain and Discomfort of:
- Arthritis
- Frozen Shoulder
- Low Back Pain
- Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow
- Sprains And Strains
- Tendonitis
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Sciatica
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Disc Herniation
- Wound Healing
- Rotator Cuff 
- Bursitis
- Inflammation


Still have questions?

Contact the team at Victoria Health Centre by calling 519.426.7300 or email victoriahealthcentre@gmail.com to see if Cold Therapy Laser is right for you.